Julius Weiland released a number of House / Ambient tracks under the pseudonym “Julius” in the early 90’s. The Nürnberg based label Toxikk Trakks published three vinyl EPs and an album on CD. A few tracks on compilations and a self released 7″ single followed, of which many were produced in cooperation with his musical fellow Tom Gawlik.

Release “Basic Paradise” now out: available at https://otg-records.com/release/23018399/Julius-Basic-Paradise . Double 12″ EP with 10 remastered tracks on No Acting Vibes.

Re-releases “Garden Eden” and “The Sirens” now available on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms:


Dreams Inc. / Portable Productions EP, 12″ EP, Toxxik Trakks, TOX 09, 1993

Julius – Maniac EP, 12″ EP, Vinyl, Toxikk Trakks, TOX 13, 1993

Julius – Dreamhaus EP, 12″ EP, Vinyl, Toxxik Trakks, TOX 14, 1994

Julius – Greatest Hits, CD, Album, Toxxik Trakks, TOX 16, 1994

Julius / Mr.Tom, 12″ Single, Vinyl, Plastic Records, PR-01, 1994

Friends of Hamburg vs. Plastik Records (with Tom), 12″ EP, Vinyl, No Acting Vibes, NOACT 9604, 1996

Julius – Basic Paradise, Double 12″ EP, No Acting Vibes, NOACT 008 LP, 2023

On Compilation:

Julius – First Revelation (Various – House Natives, CD / Vinyl, Toxikk Trakks, 1993)

Julius – I Need You (Various – House Natives, CD, Toxikk Trakks, 1993)

Model ID (with Tom) – Basic Paradise (Various – House Natives, CD, Toxikk Trakks, 1993)

Julius – You Can’t Love Nobody (Chapter One – A Progressive Hardhouse Compilation, CD, Solid Pleasure Continental, 1993)

Julius – Blindstar (Various – Housenatives 2, CD, Toxikk Trakks, 1994)

Julius – The Sirens (Various – Eightracksaid, CD, Hypnotism, 1996)

Julius (with Tom) – Warp (Various – House Rausch, CD, Arcade, 1996)